Heemskerk Vaste Planten - Perennials is located in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, nearby the North Sea where a temperate maritime climate prevails. The temperate maritime climate ensures almost always a slight breeze and temperatures in winter rarely below -5 degrees Celsius and in summer almost never above 25 degrees Celsius. This mild climate allows for optimal growth of our Perennials.

Our company was founded in 1965 by W.J. Heemskerk senior, when he started with the cultivation of flower bulbs. The company was continued by his son Gerard Heemskerk who developed his profession in perennials. This ensured that in 1977 the cultivation of perennials started, what within a few years leaded to the main activity of Heemskerk. Heemskerk Vaste Planten - Perennials is a specialist in three perennial species: Hemerocallis, Hosta and Iris. Today the management is Eric Augustinus (commercial manager), Ton Heemskerk (operational manager), Loek Teeuwen (general manager) and Gerard Heemskerk (counsellor and co-owner).