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Name:Paeonia Bartzella (Itoh)
Height:80 cm
Definition:Full double yellow with red flares

Name:Paeonia Border Charm (Itoh)
Height:60 cm
Season:Early Midseason
Definition:Vigerous grower with lemon yellow flower

Name:Paeonia Boule de Neige
Height:90 cm
Season:Early midseason

Name:Paeonia Bowl of Beauty
Height:90 cm
Season:Mid to late season
Definition:Pink anemone-flowered with wavy, cream-yellow center stamens and bright pink petals

Name:Paeonia Bu-te
Height:80 cm
Season:Late midseason
Definition:White, strong stems with a large center of yellow stamens

Name:Paeonia Bunker Hill
Height:90 cm
Season:Early midseason
Definition:Red, robust flowers with yellow stamens