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Name:Hosta Earth Angel
Plant size:100 cm
Plant height:40 cm
Flower:Pale lavender
Leaf:Creamy white margin, blue-gray where margin overlaps center margin, nicely edged with pointed leaves

Name:Hosta Elegans
Plant size:90 cm
Plant height:60 cm
Leaf:Large rounded corrugated blue leaves

Name:Hosta Elisabeth
Plant size:95 cm
Plant height:55 cm
Flower:Light Violet
Leaf:Green wavy leaves and high bud count flowering

Name:Hosta Emerald Charger
Plant size:100 cm
Plant height:50 cm
Flower:Light Lavender
Leaf:Bright golden leaves with a wide dark green margin, bright colors that will catch your eye

Name:Hosta Enchiladas
Plant size:80 cm
Plant height:00 cm
Flower:Pale Lavender
Leaf:Yellow wide centered with dark green margin and very fragrant flowers

Name:Hosta Enterprise
Plant size:80 cm
Plant height:35 cm
Leaf:White center and greenish yellow transfer to green margin